Nostalgia in Perfection!
In 2015, NOCH launched their new 3D minis series in mass production.
The special feature of these models: they are printed on a 3D printer »from scratch« and are afterwards elaborately hand painted and weathered.
The result is astounding! Fine Scale Quality in full production! This year the range is extended with interesting rail construction machines.

Do you remember the days of being a child and being allowed to help at the hay harvest? Or the milk churns, which were used in the past to get the milk directly from the farmer? Rekindle these memories with highly detailed and hand-painted 3D minis on your model landscape!

3D Printing – This is how it works:
The 3D printing features an »additive« procedure during which a plastic material is applied in layers, one upon the other, by a printhead. Thus, layer by layer an individual model is created.
3D printing offers several advantages: Contrary to injection-moulded products, the 3D models come out of the printer completely finished and thus e.g. no assembly work is necessary. In addition to this, a very high »resolution« is achieved with the 3D printing technology, so that more delicate and more detailed models can be produced compared with injection moulding technology.
The innovative production procedure has been used in high-tech industries for several years already (especially in the medical and automotive sectors). The production is costly as the 3D printers as well as the material used are very expensive. In return, models with previously unheard of detail and realism can be created.

GTIN/EAN: 4007246137244
Weight: 0.011 kg
Gauge: H0
Product Notices: Hand colored, 3D minis

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