Loud Construction Work on the Track

The NOCH Sound Scene “Track Construction Site” is ideal for recreating lifelike construction site scenes with deceptively real sounds. The construction workers work hard every day to ensure the tracks operate smoothly. With their equipment, such as jackhammers, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, knives, spirit levels, measuring tape and other tools, they repair any problems that arise at the tracks.

It can sometimes get louder when large machines have to be used to carry out the repairs.

The Sound Scene “Track Construction Site” contains 6 construction workers. They are all kitted out with orange protective clothing so that they cannot be overlooked when working by the track. They have various tools with them, such as a hammer and an axe, in order to get the job done safely.

NOCH invented the Sound Scenes in 2015. A little innovation! The lovingly designed and detailed, painted NOCH Figures were delivered combined with a small loudspeaker, which provides high-quality sound for the discerning modelling professional.

During the conception phase, it was originally planned to equip the Sound Scenes with a cheap ‘greetings card speaker’. However, the quality didn’t convince us at all, which is why we decided to equip the NOCH Sound Scenes with a high-quality loudspeaker. The sound box contained in the set is a component that was specially developed to give the sound from the small loudspeaker more surround sound and at the same time serve as a mount. Suitable screws are also included. To reduce the volume, a resistor is also available in the NOCH online shop.

Each NOCH Sound Scene thus represents a high-quality, premium solution, in which many ideas, a lot of conception time, years of experience in development and cooperation with our partners, as well as high quality standards have flowed into it in order to be able to offer our customers the best possible product experience!

Note: the volume is not adjustable. If you find the sound too loud, you can order a resistor (ref. 91900) for retrofitting. The Sound Scene includes Figures Set no. 45276 Railway Construction Crew and the matching sound.

GTIN/EAN: 4007246128013
Weight: 0.065 kg
Gauge: H0
Scale: 1:87 (H0)
Product Notices: Hand colored, Micro sound
Genus: Human
Material: Plastic
Position: moves, kneeling, standing
Gender: male
Phase of life: Adult

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Track Construction Site

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Item ref. 91900

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