How realistic a model train landscape appears is determined by important details, such as the nature and the appearance of the trackbeds. With the MÖSSMER Trackbeds, which are modelled perfectly after the real-life example regarding form and colour, you will come very close to the original. The Trackbeds are complete elements made from Weichmoltopren. The depressions for tracks and railroad ties are already impressed into the elastic foam. Due to this form-fitting impression, the tracks lie in the trackbeds just as they do in the case of the original. The Moltopren almost claws into the tracks. The trackbed can be fitted to all radiuses due to the extrem flexability of the material.

Additional positive features: Moltopren insulates against electricity, it is close to indestructable and resitant against oils, greases, petrol, as well as glues containing thinners. It also dampens the noises of running locomotives and wagons and your layouts' noise level is reduced significantly.

MÖSSMER Trackbeds, ballasted are available in the colours brown and grey (H0 / TT / N), as well as unballasted (Z). The ballasted trackbeds are completely ballasted in the visible areas, only the depression for tracks and railroad ties are not ballasted. The ballast used is made to resemble the original in structure and colour so that it looks deceptively real. The trackbed can be used right of the roll for both straight and curved tracks. Therefore you do not need a new trackbed for every track. There are underlays, which you can cut to fit your needs, for switch points, turnouts, crossings or special tracks.

EAN: 4007246991518
Width: 150 mm
Height: 4 mm
Length: 300 mm
Weight: 0.125 kg
Gauge: H0, TT

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MÖSSMER Schaumstoff-Platten mit braunem Schotter

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