Attention to Detail... a Love of Rural Scenes

The NOCH Laser-Cut minis range is now huge! And yet every year one previously missing detail or other catches our eye. You can decorate your landscape with the Hay Racks and thus, for example, create mountain meadows, little accents or a special scene. Have fun!

In the south of Germany, where NOCH is located, you can find a lot of farms. Many farmers earn a living by keeping dairy cows. This also includes making hay in the summer. The grass is mown with a tractor and a mower and then dried in the sun before it’s brought to the hayloft with a self-loading wagon. In some cases, you cannot drive a tractor very well on steep slopes. That’s why the hay is not turned through a Kreisler to dry but can be hung on hay racks to dry.

The Laser-Cut minis Kit is ideal for designing in miniature on your model railway layout. This makes the scene even more realistic, giving your creativity free rein when crafting.

EAN: 4007246142514
Weight: 0.022 kg
Gauge: H0
Product Notices: Laser cut

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Hay Racks

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