Welcome to the Table Dancing Bar "Eden"

If we could inspire you so that you wish to realize this theme world, just make the first step checking our material list. Here we have compiled all products you need to build this scene. Now you can choose conveniently the items you like or to put all of them in the shopping basket. For this just select the products and click at the button “Add selected items to shopping basket”.

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Products of this Theme World

Ornamental Plants in Tubs Item Ref. 14014
MSRP €9.99
Ornamental Plants in Tubs Item Ref. 14018
MSRP €9.99
Police Officers, blue uniform Item Ref. 15091
MSRP €9.99
im Moment nicht verfügbar
Ladies of the Night Item Ref. 15959
MSRP €9.99
Wall, 33,4 x 12,5 cm Item Ref. 58054
MSRP €12.49
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