Plumbing Factory »Oswald & Söhne«

In the Plumbing Factory »Oswald und Söhne« the plumbers work with steel sheets from iron, zinc, lead, aluminium and copper. They make roofings, roof drains and ventilator systems. The plumber's tasks are among others the covering of roofs, facades and chimneys with metal sheet and the mounting of rain water downpipes.
The plumbers make the necessary parts by hand or by machines and mount them on the buildings.

The plumber Oscar Miller is gallantry plumber. He is an expert for making metal decoration for buildings like weathercocks and gable peaks. He is very proud of his knowledge as not every plumber is versed in this handicraft.

This laser-cut building kit from NOCH is a successful combination of half-timber and clinker bricks. Thanks to the engraving technique the surface structures are very realistic ... like the origninal thing.

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