In the Park

Heidi and Alexander are spending their lunch-break on their favourite bench in the park. Escaping the daily hectic they can relax here framed by a sea of beautiful flowers. They are enjoying the sun and chat about friends, acquaintances and colleagues. The big birch tree is providing shade and a feeling of security. Alexander would like to go out more with Heidi but he does not know how to do it. Should he take her out to a dinner or a concert – or only to a cup of coffee? Alexander is hesitating. Too late! Heidi is standing up ready to go. The lunch-break was too short again for Alexander. So he is also standing up thinking “Tomorrow I will do it. Yes, tomorrow I will have a new chance”.

This scene is ideal for your model railway layout or a diorama. Here you can find a selection of NOCH products that you can use for this theme.

Products of this Theme World

Grass Tufts XL "blooming" Ref. 07010
MSRP €11.99
Sitting People Ref. 15540
MSRP €9.99
Tree with Circular Bench Ref. 21642
MSRP €8.99
Bushes Ref. 25410
MSRP €7.99