Garden Pond

You can lay out this duck pond including duck house in a park, in a house garden or at a farm. It will surely attract a lot of attention – although it is quite easy to create it. You only need a deepening for the water and the shore area, some fantasy for the form and the size of the pond and, of course, the proper materials.

This scene is ideal for your model railway layout or a diorama. Here you can find a selection of NOCH products that you can use for this theme.

Products of this Theme World

Grass Tufts "Field Plants" Item Ref. 07133
MSRP €11.99
Grass Tufts "flowering" Item Ref. 07135
MSRP €11.99
Water and Riverside Plants Item Ref. 14052
MSRP €10.99
Duck House with Duck Item Ref. 14346
MSRP €6.79
Terrain Structure Paste "Field & Nature" Item Ref. 60823
MSRP €18.49
Artificial Water Item Ref. 60873
MSRP €16.99
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