Castle Ruin

Mr. Miller is professor at the Natural History Museum in Tannau. He is once again indulging in his favourite pastime - historical castles. Today the nice weather is attracting him to the Ehrenfels Castle. Over the centuries the walls have suffered. However the ruin is in a surprisingly good condition. Only the other visitors are disturbing him also using the fine weather to make an excursion. Mr. Miller would like to be alone to step back into the past to explore the secrets of the castle. So he has no choice but to take some photos for his archives and to fortify himself in the castle restaurant “Burgschenke”.

Ehrenfels Castle is not only an impressive building. It combines two product lines in which NOCH is a leading manufacturer: The castle ruin and the tower are made of structural hardfoam being combined with a laser-cut half-timbered building. Passing a drawbridge and walking up the stairs the visitors can get to the restaurant “Burgschenke”. Here they can stop for a meal or have the possibility to celebrate. All visitors who reach the castle will be richly rewarded with glorious views of the region. The Ehrenfels Castle is a ready-to-use model building: unwrap, put up and decorate.

This scene is ideal for your model railway layout or a diorama. Here you can find a selection of NOCH products that you can use for this theme.

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