Arch Bridge

Charles has always been fascinated by bridges. Getting over a ravine or a deep gorge has always been a great challenge for him. The fascination has become a hobby and, over time, Charles has compiled a lot of bridges in an archive that he listed and from which he had taken pictures. Today he has been taking his camera spontaneously again searching for a new photo motive. His gaze has been caught at this arch bridge made of steel, as railway bridges belong to his absolute favourites.

This scene is ideal for your model railway layout or a diorama. Here you can find a selection of NOCH products that you can use for this theme.

Products of this Theme World

Wild Grass “Meadow” 6 mm, 50 g Ref. 07100
MSRP €7.99
Wild Grass beige, 6 mm, 50 g Ref. 07101
MSRP €7.99
Gras-Master 2.0 Ref. 60135
MSRP €149.99