Snow Paste

Ref. 08752
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250 g

Notice: Model building item
contains: 1,2-benzisothiazole-3(2H)-on. May produce an allergic reaction.

Details Snow Paste

Snow paste for tabletop model landscaping and Basing. The box contains 250 g snow paste. The white-glittering paste is viscous and moldable. The mass is taken out of the can with a spatula (or with a butter knife or a spoon). The snow paste can be diluted with water. To create a smooth surface you can use a brush to smooth it out. Clean your brushes and palette knife under running water.

Contents: 250.00 g
Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces

Video Snow Paste

How-to-tip Snow Paste

The silky, shimmering Snow Pastse is applied with a spatula or a brush and dries within roughly 2 to 3 hours..
The Snow Paste can also be modelled by hand, to re-create details, such as piles of snow, snow drifts or snowmenm on your model landscape.
You can also dilute the Snow Paste in water, which is ideal for decorating trees and brushes. For decorating roof-tops or very slick surfaces, we would recommend applying a layer of NOCH Snow Glue (ref. 61138) first. After the Snow Glue is dried, the Snow Paste can be applied.

The combination of the NOCH Snow Paste and the NOCH Snowflakes turns your model landscape into a real winter wonderland.
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