Saving Set Slate Sheetings

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Saving Set Slate Sheetings!
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1 x 56008 "Slate roof weathered"
1 x 56102 "Slate sheeting"

Nur solange Vorrat reich!

Notice: Model building item

Details Saving Set Slate Sheetings

The same high-quality material as the Laser-Cut kits is also used to make our Laser-Cut crafting boards.

They are ideal for redesigning or extending buildings - and create individual little works of art. Thanks to the complex Laser-Cut process, each tinkering board is unique. The basic material used is a variety of high-quality cardboard boxes, the material thickness of which is adapted to the respective area of application: stronger, self-supporting cardboard boxes for the roofs, thinner material for the floor coverings.

The decisive advantage: NOCH Laser-Cut crafting boards can be shaped quickly and easily with scissors or a knife and can be easily processed further.

Since their introduction, our range of high-quality engraved and coloured Laser-Cut crafting boards has been very successful.

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