Sailing, Fishing, Water Sports
A romantic boat trip in pairs, a wild tour with the kayak or white-water rafting with a dinghy, going fishing - it's your choice, which scene you want to build on your layout or diorama, as NOCH offers all these things of the topic Water Sports. Rowing boat, sailing boat, dinghy and motorboats - the only thing missed: you as a captain. The beautiful designed H0 and N boats with crew are almost a small sensation. Revive your model water with these lovely and realistic models and get on board! The boats and the raft aren't floatable.

Rowing Boat Rowing Boat
Ref.: 16800
Canoe Canoe
Ref.: 16805
Kayaks Kayaks
Ref.: 16809
Pedal boat Pedal boat
Ref.: 16810
Dinghy Dinghy
Ref.: 16815
Motorboat Motorboat
Ref.: 16820
Fishing boat Fishing boat
Ref.: 16822
Sailing Boat Sailing Boat
Ref.: 16824
Canoe Canoe
Ref.: 37805
Kayaks Kayaks
Ref.: 37809
Dinghy Dinghy
Ref.: 37815
Fishing boat Fishing boat
Ref.: 37822