Nature Trees

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - Give Your Model Trees a Special Note with NOCH Nature Trees

NOCH Nature Trees – as the name already suggests – are pure natural products. No tree is exactly the same as another. The completely different and naturally grown nature trees of seafoam are between 4 cm and 20 cm high. They make every layout and diorama appear very realistic. You may place nature trees on your layout in their natural finish or cover them with NOCH Flocking Material, NOCH Classic Flock or NOCH Leaves. The seafoam for the NOCH Nature Trees is planted and carefully harvested on special plantations.

Creating individual bushes and trees is very easy with this natural product. Live through the seasons with the NOCH Nature Trees. They always look very different depending on the season and the flocking. First the bare tree is painted, e.g. with a brown colour. After drying, spray glue is applied and then the bare tree is, for example, covered with flock material in autumn colours. The planting of the ready nature trees is very simple. Make a hole in the model landscape with a piercer, insert the tree and fix it with some glue. Just dare to experiment with different NOCH leave colour combinations. It’s worthwhile – for sure!