Leaves and Leaves Sets – Selected NOCH PROFI Top Quality

The popular NOCH Leaves are a very thinly cut, special leave material. The individual leaves have a deceptively  realistic leave shape. It can be ideally be used for the flocking of trees or bushes or to create ivy, shrubs or deciduous forest ground. The leaves are available in individual packages as well as  in sets with different green colours or as an autumn leave set. NOCH Leaves are ideal for the flocking of NOCH Nature Trees (ref. 23100). Simply spray the nature trees with NOCH spray glue (ref. 61160) and apply the leaves with the PROFI multi-purpose applicator (ref. 08099). The Nature Tree Set PROFI (ref. 60818) includes everything you need for the creation of impressive model trees.

Leaves light green, 50 g Leaves light green, 50 g

light green, 50 g bag

Ref.: 07142
Leaves  medium green, 50 g  Leaves medium green, 50 g

medium green, 50 g bag

Ref.: 07144
Leaves  dark green, 50 g Leaves dark green, 50 g

dark green, 50 g bag

Ref.: 07146
Laub-Set Laub-Set

each 14 g of olive, light green, medium-green, dark green

Ref.: 07167
Herbstlaub-Set Herbstlaub-Set

each 14 g of yellow, red, redbrown, orange-brown

Ref.: 07168