Economy Sets

Classic Trees in Economy Sets for H0, TT, N and Z
These trees belong to the classical trees of the NOCH range. The economy sets combine two advantages: On the one hand, you can gain from an extraordinary value since the price of a tree in an Economy Set is about 20 % less compared to the regular 3-pieces tree set. On the other hand, you actively participate in the protection of the environment and climate with the purchase of an Economy Set. For every 100 model trees sold of this range, the organisation »Plant for the Planet« will plant a real tree on behalf of NOCH. 

Plant for the Planet is a student initiative sensitizing children all over the world to the importance of trees for our environment and climate. The organisation is training children as climate ambassadors. Besides famous people and other enterprises, NOCH also supports this initiative taking on the responsibility for one climate ambassador. With the purchase of this product you can support us and you will plant trees not only on your model landscape. The worldwide slogan of the children is »Stop talking – Start planting!«

Autumn Trees Autumn Trees

7 pieces, approx. 8 - 10 cm high

Ref.: 25070
Winter Trees Winter Trees

7 pieces, approx. 8 - 10 cm high

Ref.: 25075
Fir Trees Fir Trees

9 pieces, approx. 8 - 12 cm high

Ref.: 25086
Snowy Fir Trees Snowy Fir Trees

7 pieces, approx. 8 - 12 cm high

Ref.: 25087
Deciduous Trees Deciduous Trees

7 pieces, approx. 8 cm high

Ref.: 25088
Fruit Trees Fruit Trees

green, 7 pieces, approx. 8 cm high

Ref.: 25090
Fruit Trees Fruit Trees

in blossom, 7 pieces, approx. 8 cm high

Ref.: 25092
Birch Trees Birch Trees

7 pieces, approx. 10 cm high

Ref.: 25096
Poplars Poplars

7 pieces, approx. 12 cm high

Ref.: 25098
Deciduous- and Conifer Trees Deciduous- and Conifer Trees

with Tree Bases, 100 pieces

Ref.: 25950
Deciduous- and Conifer Trees Deciduous- and Conifer Trees

with Tree Bases, 100 pieces

Ref.: 25952