High Quality Classic Flock
Model firs and firs are also included in the NOCH Classic trees series just like model spruces. These conifers are realistic but inexpensive model trees. They are flocked with the popular high quality NOCH Classic flock. These trees can be "planted" as exposed single trees or used for the creation of entire forests. They are packed in attractive blister packages or polybags. The large single trees are packed in blister. The package includes an innovative size scale that helps you to determine the height of a tree in the respective scale.

Fir Trees Fir Trees

9 pieces, approx. 8 - 12 cm high

Ref.: 25086
Snowy Fir Trees Snowy Fir Trees

7 pieces, approx. 8 - 12 cm high

Ref.: 25087
Fir Trees Fir Trees

4 pieces, 8 - 12 cm high

Ref.: 25232
Schneetannen Schneetannen

3 pieces, approx. 8 - 12 cm high

Ref.: 25234
Fir Trees Fir Trees

4 pieces, 4 - 8 cm high

Ref.: 25432
Fir Tree Fir Tree

approx 25 cm high

Ref.: 68036
Fir Tree Fir Tree

approx 30 cm high

Ref.: 68037
Fir Tree Fir Tree

approx 35 cm high

Ref.: 68038
Fir Tree Fir Tree

approx 40 cm high

Ref.: 68039