Trees & Bushes

Afforest your model landscape – with NOCH model trees in all spezies and sizes.
A small young forest plantation with firs, a single oak with lovers sitting under the tree, a timber in the background of the layout, a mixed forest along the tracks - there are endless possibilities to afforest a model railway layout. Trees are essential for the decoration of a charming model landscape. They add life to the scene, set accents and give a very special, distinctive atmosphere to each model railway layout .

We offer a wide range of trees and undergroth in every size - just like the original.

This line contains high quality single trees. They are realistic models of original trees in form, colours and size being flocked with NOCH PROFI leaves.
Standard Trees
Standard trees are inexpensive model trees made of highly flexible plastic. Realistic appearance on the basis of an innovative, three-dimensional sprue. Elaborately flocked and coloured by hand.
Classic Trees
Classic model trees, flocked with high quality NOCH Classic Flock. Available as large single trees or as sets in attractive gift packaging.
Hobby Trees
Inexpensive trees in large economy packs. Ideal to afforest large areas. Available as deciduous or fir trees.
Nature Trees
Super realistic tree blanks made of natural sea foam. Ideal for covering with NOCH Flock, Classic Flock or Leaves. For beautiful, filigree trees and bushes.

PROFI Trees PROFI Trees PROFI Trees - quality for highest standards.
Classic Trees Classic Trees NOCH Classic Trees...inexpensive and realistic.
Standard Trees Standard Trees Model tree innovation: complex, three-dimensional bare tree made of highly flexible plastic
Hobby Trees Hobby Trees The inexpensive solution for a large forest on your model landscape.
Nature Trees Nature Trees Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter - NOCH Nature Trees have always a special note!
Leaves Leaves Perfect leaves in many nice colours for realistic model trees.
Hedges & Bushes Hedges & Bushes Hedges - not only to hide!
Christmas Trees Christmas Trees Providing the Spirit of Christmas...
Deko Fir Tree with Wooden Base Deko Fir Tree with Wooden Base Sicherer Stand auf der Modellanlage!