Terrain Substructure

"Many ways lead to Rome" - that means there are many paths to reach a goal. This is also true for terrain structuring. You can use the most different products like crepe paper, wire mesh paper or aluminium wire mesh, but in each case you will need a sturdy supporting framework. For this reason we recommend using the proven NOCH TERRA-FORM system. This system had been developped by NOCH in the 1980s and became the backbone of countless model landscapes, lots of them presented as promotion layouts at model railway shows and fairs. But also many NOCH customers trusting TERRA-FORM have built impressing unique model railway layouts and dioramas being greatly pleased with this system. Thanks to the open building technique the tracks are always easy to access for maintenance purposes. This building technique is inexpensive and lightweight but still extremely sturdy. Owing to the highly ingenious technique of TERRA-FORM the construction of the terrain substructure is fast and easily done. The most importalt tools are a simple hobby knife and a hot glue gun. Previous knowledge or experience is not required - everybody can start at once!

Landscaping Wire Mesh Landscaping Wire Mesh

100 x 75 cm, folded in bag

Ref.: 60833
Landscape Crepe Paper Landscape Crepe Paper

90 x 80 cm

Ref.: 60840
Rock Compound Rock Compound "Granite"

grey, 400 g

Ref.: 60880
Rock Compound Rock Compound "Sandstone"

brown, 400 g

Ref.: 60890
Fels-Spachtel XL “Sandstein” Fels-Spachtel XL “Sandstein”

brown, 1,000 g

Ref.: 60892
PROFI Casting Compound 1,000 g PROFI Casting Compound 1,000 g

for approx. 800 ml

Ref.: 60918
Modelling Compound Modelling Compound

white spackle, 500 g

Ref.: 60920
Modelling Plaster Cloth Modelling Plaster Cloth

2 rolls of 200 x 10 cm

Ref.: 60980
Modelling Plaster Cloth XL Modelling Plaster Cloth XL

4 rolls, length 300 cm
width 2 x 14.5 cm, 1 x 9.5 cm, 1 x 6.0 cm

Ref.: 60982
Landscaping Aluminium Wire Mesh XL 100 x 75 cm, folded in bag Landscaping Aluminium Wire Mesh XL 100 x 75 cm, folded in bag

100 x 75 cm, folded in bag

Ref.: 60990
Landscaping Aluminum Wire Mesh Landscaping Aluminum Wire Mesh

50 x 75 cm, folded in bag

Ref.: 60991

This Basic Set contains everything you need for building a landscape substructure.

Ref.: 61601
TERRA-FORM Test Package TERRA-FORM Test Package


1 piece of Reinforced Cardboard,
1 NOCH Tunnel Portal,
1 Set Connectors,
1 Set Base and Top Plates,
10 Wooden Poles, 20 cm,
1 / 4 Sheet NOCH Landscape Crepe Paper,
50 g of NOCH Rock Compound,
1 Booklet: "How to work with TERRA-FORM"

Ref.: 61605
Reinforced Cardboard  Reinforced Cardboard

5 pieces, very strong carton, 55 x 40 cm, to apply as a stable base for track series or houses.

Ref.: 61620
Connector Pieces Connector Pieces

72 parts in total:

  • 18 5-way connector
  • 14 3-way connector
  • 8 2-way connector
  • 8 2-way round, flat connector
  • 24 1-way connector with adhesive pad
Ref.: 61630
Base Plates and Clamps  Base Plates and Clamps

40 parts in total:

  • 20 base plates
  • 20 2-way clamps

The base plates can be divided and thus used for H0, TT, N and Z

Ref.: 61640
Wooden Support Poles Wooden Support Poles

40 cm long, 35 pieces

Ref.: 61650
Flex Support Pole Flex Support Pole

divisible, 3 m long

Ref.: 61660
Prop Plates Prop Plates

16 parts in total:

  • 8 prob upper plates
  • 8 prob lower plates

The prop upper and lower plates can be divided and thus used for H0, TT, N and Z.

Ref.: 61670