Cork Track Bed, 3 mm high

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6 pieces, 3.6 x 50 cm (total length 3 m)

Notice: Model building item

Details Cork Track Bed, 3 mm high

Perfect Embedding for Your Tracks!

Cork Track Beds for Model Railway Tracks

Cork Track Beds are a real model railway classic: they lend themselves as the perfectly stable and noise-absorbing base for model railways tracks, such as the MÄRKLIN ® K track or the PIKO ® A track. The track beds are easy to lay: for glueing them together, we recommend NOCH Latex Adhesive. NOCH Ballast, which you can find on the
following page, is the most suitable for laying ballast.


Contents: 3.00 m
Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces
Length: 3000.00 mm
Width: 36.00 mm
Height: 3.00 mm

How-to-tip Cork Track Bed, 3 mm high

New Embedding for Your Tracks!
Following many requests NOCH launch a range of Cork Trackbeds for H0, TT, H0m and N scale this year. In addition for H0 scale the corresponding formed parts for Märklin® K Tracks are available.
The Cork Trackbeds of 50 cm (19.69 in.) length are suitable for »free« routes. These are provided with a mitre cut in the middle, so they can simply be bent to the outside on the edges in order to separate the Trackbed in two strips. Afterwards the separated strips with the sloped edges are glued outwards, against each other, on the layout base.
By doing so the single strips can be easily adapted to straight and curved routes. Every Cork Plate has a sloped edge on the outside. If desired, the edge can be bent to create a realistic slope. The formed parts are ready cut for the Märklin® K Track references stated with each item. Product

· Realistic trackbed height
· Noise-absorbing and easy to place
· Formed Parts available for Märklin® K Tracks

Note: All cork trackbeds are delivered without tracks and turnouts.