Terrain Structuring

At the beginning of each modelling project there is the sturdy base. The landscape is the heart and also the face of a model railway layout. Therefore the construction of a landscape substructure is one of the most important and demanding tasks when creating a model landscape. Whether you wish to realize your own ideas or to replicate an original landscape, you need not only fantasy, leisure and dexterity but above all the proper material for a sturdy base construction. For this purpose NOCH offers you a wide range of terrain structuring products: the TERRA-FORM terrain structuring system, crepe paper, wire mesh paper, aluminium wire mesh, paster cloch, rock compound and modelling compound. Select your favourite products for your landscape substructure in one of the online shops of NOCH dealers at noch.com!

Product Sets Product Sets The perfect start into model landscaping.
Terrain Substructure Terrain Substructure Modern landscape creation with TERRA-FORM.
Helix Helix The space-saving method to change the level on a model railway layout.
Ramps Ramps Flexible but still sturdy.
Track Beds Track Beds You are on the right track with these track beds!
Track Cleaning Track Cleaning Small helpers, great effect!
Easy-Track Railway Route Kits Easy-Track Railway Route Kits Start directly with the construction of the individual model railway layout.
Platform Platform Sicherer Übergang für alle auf dem Bahnsteig!