Sandstone Walls PROFI plus

The hardfoam series "Sandstone Wall PROFI plus" captivates by the realistic sandstone colour NOCH is using for this handpainted series. In this series you can find single or double track tunnel portals, walls, retaining walls and arcade walls - also extra long with 66.8 cm. Everything is perfectly matching and combinable. Exactly, it's NOCH Profi top quality! There are the outstanding strucutre hardfoam properties you won't find in other materials ordinarily: light but extremely stable. You can saw the structure hardfoam, cut, drag or form it. The material is solvent resistant and weather-proof. By using the special NOCH production method, even undercuts can be realized - no other material manages this. Furthermore, all items consisting of structured hardfoam are handcoloured and 100% made in Germany!

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