Preformed Layouts

Little Time and Place?
NOCH Preformed Layouts are the simple way to your dream railway layout. You need not abstain from your own layout if you are dreaming about a model railway but you have not enough time and place or if you haven't enough manual skills, yet: By visiting NOCH you can find a wide range of preformed layouts. Even without special skills, the NOCH Preformed Layouts can be built up in a short time being finished ex factory: The "landscape" is a plastically formed synthetic model, installed on a stable wooden frame, naturally coloured, varnished an covered with grass. The tunnel portals and the assembly openings are milled-out. Many Preformed Layouts contain a complete bridge kit. Track plans are also included, but you can also download them for free.

Layout assembly:
Each preformed layout (excluding the extension layouts and the layouts made of structural hardfoam) comes with the DVD "Layout Guide". This DVD will give you all necessary information for the assembly of a NOCH Preformed Layout. The included Track Plans help you setting the tracks. For a lifelike decoration of your layout we have listed all products and accessories. However this included list in only a recommendation; you can decorate your layout however you want.

Layout extension: There is no problem if you want to enlarge your layout: Almost all NOCH Preformed Layouts are manufactured according to a special NOCH standardization. That means: You can choose from a wide range of layout extensions the one you like most or you combine various preformed layouts with each other. So you can extend your layout to the left, to the right, to the front and - with the NOCH Storage Yard System - to the bottom. And if you don't want to use your layout for a while, you can transport this lightweight model without any problems or you can store it erectly.

Hint: On every NOCH Preformed Layout mixed radii are set. Both in the incircle and the outer circle, tracks with the smallest radius 1 are used. By initiation of longer trains and wagons this can cause some problems. So it's possible that the trains or wagons touch the balustrades or the tunnel portals. Please pay attention to the minimum radius indicated by your track manufacturer.

DVD Guide DVD Guide "Preformed Layouts"

(English and German)

Ref.: 71922
“Königsfeld” Layout  “Königsfeld” Layout

160 x 100 cm
approx. 24 cm high

Ref.: 81580
“Rosenheim” Layout  “Rosenheim” Layout

160 x 100 cm
approx. 23.5 cm high

Ref.: 81600
“Mittenwald” Layout  “Mittenwald” Layout

200 x 120 cm
approx. 41 cm high

Ref.: 81610
“Mühltal” Layout  “Mühltal” Layout

200 x 100 cm
approx. 32 cm high

Ref.: 81660
“Schönmühlen” Layout   “Schönmühlen” Layout

160 x 100 cm
approx. 25 cm high

Ref.: 81710
Front Extension Layout Front Extension Layout

200 x 20 cm, shortable
Extension with incline combines the left and right extension.

Ref.: 81980
Layout Layout "Bergün"

125 x 60 cm
approx. 34 cm high

Ref.: 83860
"Staufen" Layout

140 x 69 cm
approx. 27 cm high

Ref.: 83870
“Traunstein” Layout  “Traunstein” Layout

125 x 69 cm
approx. 18 cm high

Ref.: 84810
Layout Layout "Baden-Baden"

175 x 100 cm
approx. 31 cm high

Ref.: 84830
Layout Layout "Cortina"

100 x 69 cm
approx. 21 cm high

Ref.: 85880
"Meran" Layout

made of Structured Hard Foam

Ref.: 87000
"Interlaken" Layout

made of Structured Hard Foam

Ref.: 87005
"Serfaus" Layout

made of Structured Hard Foam

Ref.: 87010
“St Anton”  Layout   “St Anton” Layout

made of Structured Hard Foam

Ref.: 87015
"Berchtesgaden" Layout

made of Structured Hard Foam

Ref.: 87040
"Garmisch" Layout

made of Structured Hard Foam

Ref.: 87045