Large Preformed Layouts

Impressive Model Railway Layouts
The large preformed layouts from NOCH are imposing model landscapes for extremely ambitious model railroaders. But that's not all: Also these preformed layouts can be extended to the left, to the right and to the bottom. So if you reach the final stage, the layout size is 420 cm and has a total width of 180 cm + Storage Yard. On these layouts you can set enoguh traffic and tracks. Also the Large Preformed Layouts are installed on a stable wooden frame. The tunnel supports are already installed and the bridge kits are included as well. Additionaly, the package contains a DVD "Layout Guide" and the track plans (which you can also download for free).
And if you haven't enough yet: The Module Layout "Heidelberg" consisting of six different modules ist exactly what you need! Combining these modules according to your wishes you can create your individual layout in size and form.

“Silvretta” Large Layout “Silvretta” Large Layout

220 x 140 cm
approx. 52 cm high

Ref.: 80100
Heidelberg Left Module Heidelberg Left Module

120 x 100 cm
approx. 22.5 cm high

Ref.: 80310
Heidelberg Right Module Heidelberg Right Module

120 x 100 cm
approx. 22.5 cm high

Ref.: 80320
Heidelberg Station Module Heidelberg Station Module

120 x 80 cm
approx. 16 cm high

Ref.: 80330
Heidelberg Corner Module Heidelberg Corner Module

• 1 Heidelberg, Corner Module, 100 x 100 cm

Ref.: 80350