Bridges & Viaducts

Real artworks in miniature made of "steel-carton"! Every model railroader knows: It is the details that are fascinating. Sometimes it is quite easy to provide eyecatchers for a model railway layout or diorama - for example with the laser-cut kits form NOCH. The delicate rivets of the steel construction are engraved by laser. This technology gives the special laser carton - being imported from England especially for you - a natural patina. NOCH bridges increase the attractivity of each model landscape. Our range includes four different types of bridges: fascinating, finely detailed laser-cut bridges (kits), ready-to-use stone bridges made of exrremely sturdy, realistic looking hardfoam, kits of modern pylon bridges with wooden routes and plastic piers and classic steel bridge kits made of plastic.

Laser-Cut Bridges Laser-Cut Bridges Model railway bridges from NOCH - real artworks "en miniature"!
Hardfoam Bridges Hardfoam Bridges Ready-to-use, finished bridges with extremely realistic surface structures.
Plastic Bridges Plastic Bridges "Steel Bridges" - made of plastic, inexpensive and easy to assemble.