2K Water Gel "coloured"

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2 components, each 50 ml
2 ml of each colour batch
blue, green und brown

Notice: Model building item

Details 2K Water Gel "coloured"

With the popular 2K Water Gel, lakes and stream can be re-created very realistically on your model landscape.
Both components are mixed in equal parts, stirred and subsequently simply poured onto the landscape.

With the 2K Water Gel "Color", it is also possible to bring more color to the landscape's rivers and lakes. Due to the three colors (blue, green and brown), it is possible to achieve many nature-like water colores. A mountain lake, shimmering green, a blue lagoon or a brown-in-color marshland pond - with 2K Water Gel, all that's no problem!

The 2K Water Gel can even be used on thermoplastics.

Advantages of the 2K Water Gel:
· Easy to process
· Long time frame
· Cold processing
· Easy to color
· Ideal for steady waters

Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces