Water in All Variations - Like in Real Nature

Water is always an eye-catcher on a landscape, so that it is very important for modellers to create natural looking water on a model layout. On the one hand water increases the value of a model landscape. On the other hand it brightens up the landscape as bridges, crossings, retaining walls and embankments add variety to every model railway layout. Water is always fascinating, and the creation of natural looking water is a very special, attractive challenge for every modeller. Whether you want to model a mountain stream, a deep blue artificial lake, a large sea or a tiny puddle - a realistic imitation of all these is very easy using the different NOCH water products.Ih this category you will surely find the proper water product for your modelling project!

Natur+ Natur+ "Bathing Lake" Item Ref.: 07442
Reed  Reed Item Ref.: 14102
Lotus Flower Lotus Flower Item Ref.: 14114
Reed  Reed Item Ref.: 14408
Reed  Reed Item Ref.: 14608
Waterpump  Waterpump Item Ref.: 60150
Lake Film  Lake Film Item Ref.: 60850
Water Drops Water Drops "clear" Item Ref.: 60855
Water Drops Water Drops "color" Item Ref.: 60856
Water-Drops easy  Water-Drops easy Item Ref.: 60858
Waves and Billows  Waves and Billows Item Ref.: 60861
Foam & Spume Foam & Spume Item Ref.: 60862
2K Water Gel 2K Water Gel "color" Item Ref.: 60871
Water Effects 125ml Water Effects 125ml Item Ref.: 60872
Artificial Water Artificial Water Item Ref.: 60873
Artificial Water XL  Artificial Water XL Item Ref.: 60874
Riverbed Colour Set Riverbed Colour Set Item Ref.: 60875