Start-Set Schneeflocken

Ref. 07065
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1 Puffer Bottle, 50 ml Snow Glue
25 g Snowflakes

Notice: Model building item

Details Start-Set Schneeflocken

You will find everything you need for a fast start into creating your very own wintery landscape in the NOCH Start Set Snowflake: 50 g Snow Glue, a Grass Spray Tube, and 25 g Snowflakes. Using the NOCH Start Set Snowflake is very easy: First of all, the foundation, which you want to turn into as wintery landscape, is perpared with the NOCH Snow Glue. Then you fill abnout half of the Grass Spray Tube with NOCH Snowflakes. By shaking the Gras Spray Tube, the roughly 1 mm long snowflakes become electromagnetically charged and they are then sprayed onto the landscape by pressing the tube. This way, a wonderful, powdery layer of snow is created that resembles freshly fallen powder snow.

Packaging Unit: 1 Set

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How-to-tip Start-Set Schneeflocken

For even more Fresh Snow...
Very convenient: The Snow Glue, 250 g (ref. 61138), and the Snowflakes, 75 g (ref, 08760), can be obtained individually for refilling.