Snow & Winter

Create your winter wonderland!

Snow is wonderful - in nature as well as on a model railway layout. But how to imitate snow on a model landscape? We have several solutions for you to choose from. The NOCH winter range contains Snow Powder,  Snow Paste, a special Winter Set and many more. All NOCH winter products convince with an excellen result. Create a snow cover applying NOCH Snowflakes, a frozen lake or pond using Ice Crystals, form icycles with the NOCH Icycles. The model landscape specialist NOCH offers you a wide range of special easy-to-use winter products.

The Snow Paste converts objects and landscapes into a real-life winter wonderland. The silky shimmering past is applied with a spatula or brush and is dried after 2 - 3 hours. But the Snow Paste can also be formed by hand, for example in order to imitate a snow heap, snow drifts or snowmen. It can also applied on trees and bushes, if you dilute it with water. In order to put some snow on roofs or on very smooth grounds we recommend you first applying a layer of NOCH Snow Glue (ref. 61138). After drying you can apply the Snow Paste. The combination of NOCH Snow Paste and NOCH Snowflakes converts your model landscape into a winter wonderland. Just try it!

Start Set Snowflakes  Start Set Snowflakes Item Ref.: 07065
Powdery Snow  Powdery Snow Item Ref.: 08750
Snow Paste  Snow Paste Item Ref.: 08752
Ice Crystals  Ice Crystals Item Ref.: 08754
Icicles  Icicles Item Ref.: 08756
Winter Set  Winter Set Item Ref.: 08758
Snowflakes  Snowflakes Item Ref.: 08760
Christmas  Christmas Item Ref.: 12897
Mulled-Wine Stall Mulled-Wine Stall Item Ref.: 14393
Mulled-Wine Stall Mulled-Wine Stall Item Ref.: 14483
Mulled-Wine Stall Mulled-Wine Stall Item Ref.: 14683
Children in Snow  Children in Snow Item Ref.: 15819
Skiers  Skiers Item Ref.: 15828
Skiers  Skiers Item Ref.: 15829
Crib Figures  Crib Figures Item Ref.: 15922
Christmas Market  Christmas Market Item Ref.: 15926
Winter work  Winter work Item Ref.: 15928
Skiers  Skiers Item Ref.: 36828
Advent Calendar Advent Calendar Item Ref.: 45990
Gras-Master 2.0 Gras-Master 2.0 Item Ref.: 60135
Snow Glue  Snow Glue Item Ref.: 61138
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