Set Items

The perfect start into model landscaping!

Which materials are necessary for the creation of an own model landscape? And how to proceed to get to a convincing result? The Set Items from NOCH make it easy for you to start model landscaping. NOCH Set Items have different sizes and themes, are attractive and inexpensive containing everything you need for a successful start into the fascinating hobby model landscaping. And they also help you to save time and money. Should you need a greater quantity of a special material - no problem! Usually it is possible to purchase each product of a set individually. We wish you a lot of fun when building your own little world!

Reed Assortment Reed Assortment

green, beige, brown

Ref.: 07060
Start Set Vegetation Start Set Vegetation

Puffer Bottle,
40 g Scatter Grass Summer “Meadow” 2.5 mm long,
50 ml Grass Glue

Ref.: 07069
Leaf Foliage Set Leaf Foliage Set

olive, light green, medium-green, dark green

Ref.: 07167
Basic Set “Modelling” Basic Set “Modelling”


  • 250 g of ballast
  • 100 g of Terrain Paste, grey
  • 150 g of Water-Drops® easy
  • 50 g of Grass Glue
  • Puffer Bottle
  • 40 g of Scatter Grass Summer “Meadow” (length of the grass fibres 2.5 mm)
  • 42 g of Scatter Material, brown
  • 20 g of lichen
  • 40 Grass Tufts, mixed
Ref.: 60801
Basic Set “Decoration” Basic Set “Decoration”


  • Birch Tree, 11,5 cm high
  • 5 Fir Trees, 10 – 14 cm high
  • 2 model hedges, green (each 50 cm long)
  • Natural Seafoam Bushes, for approx. 20 bushes
  • 100 ml of Spray Glue in a pump bottle
  • 25 g of Leaf Foliage, medium green
  • 13 g of Flower Petals, yellow
  • approx. 80 g of cork rocks
Ref.: 60802
Scenery Starter Kit Scenery Starter Kit


  • Mini Grass Mat “Meadow”, 28 x 22 cm
  • Scatter Material, medium green and brown, each 10 g
  • Bag of Lichen, dark green, yellow and red, approx. 12 g each
  • Cork Rock Piece
Ref.: 60803
Road Construction Set Road Construction Set

applicator with 150 ml fine »asphalt granules«
befill pack 100 ml »asphalt granules«
bottle with 125 ml grey acrylic road colour

Ref.: 60820
Terrain Structure Paste “Field & Nature” Terrain Structure Paste “Field & Nature”

100 g sand (beige)
100 g loam (ochre)
100 g soil (brown)

Ref.: 60823
Riverbed Colour Set Riverbed Colour Set

100 ml basic colour
and each 10 ml concentrate
blue, green und brown

Ref.: 60875