Rock Forming System

What would a model railway layout be without an impressive, steep rock massif? The NOCH Rock Formers enable you to create these important landscaping elements on your own, with surprisingly realistic results. The very detailed Rock Formers are very flexible and they can be re-used an (almost) unlimited number of times. Prepare the Woodland Scenics Special Hydrocal (Item Ref. 96100). Spray a little water onto the Rock Former, mixed with some detergent.  This is best done with the Woodland Scenics Sprayer (Item Ref. 96155). Fill the prepared Rock Former with the Special Hydrocal (Item Ref. 96100). After approx. 5 minutes, the rock is dry and can be removed from the Rock Former. Combine the rock peaks just like you want them and, if necessary, cut them with a crafting knife. In order to adhere the rock to your model landscape, we recommend a small amount of Special Hydrocal and for colouring the rocks, the Woodland Scenices Earth Color Kit (Item Ref.) is the best choice.

If you would prefer to rather design your rock wall completely individually, then we recommend the Modelling Foil as a foundation and the various different special plasters for the rocks. The rock structure can be created with the help of the special rock carving tools (Item Ref. 96116). Or you could design your rocks and your mountain ranges as a combination of rock pieces made with the NOCH Rock Formers and your uniquely creations – this is guaranteed to be something really special!

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