Rock Compounds

After drying, the NOCH Rock Compounds obtain automatically a “rocky” surface structure thanks to its special composition. The both favoured NOCH Rock Compounds are also available in a well-priced giant-size pack filled with 1000 g. Mix the NOCH Rock Compound with water. After that, apply the compound with a spatula or a knife.  After approximately 15 minutes it will dry. By drying a rocky surface will be formed automatically by reason of the special consistence of the compound. You can create especially beautiful and realistic rock structures by breaking or cutting the NOCH hardfoam rocks or rock walls into the desired size and modelling them into the still wet compound. Under “Rocks and Rock Walls” you can find a high variety of hardfoam rock pieces, rock walls and rocks«.

Rock Compound Rock Compound "Granite"

grey, 400 g

Ref.: 60880
Rock Compound Rock Compound "Sandstone"

brown, 400 g

Ref.: 60890
Fels-Spachtel XL “Sandstein” Fels-Spachtel XL “Sandstein”

brown, 1,000 g

Ref.: 60892