Natural Stones

Natural Stones: nothing seems more realistic than natural products. Because of that, NOCH offers selected natural stones for the model landscaping. All stones are finely broken and sorted in size. The first-class and natural broken NOCH Ballast with its colours is exactly suited to the MÖSSMER Roadbeds and the Märklin® C tracks. The fine grained ballast is perfectly right for the realistic creation of railway stations, switch yards and even for the spaces between the rails. You can also use it for boulder fields or in quarries or similar areas. In the area of the rock or mountain creation and in the high alpine range there are a lot of application fields for these special products. It depends on what you make of it!

Coal Coal

250 g bag

Ref.: 09202
Chippings “Lahn” Chippings “Lahn”

250 g bag

Ref.: 09204
Boulders Boulders

250 g bag

Ref.: 09214
Sandstone Boulders 250 g Sandstone Boulders 250 g

250 g bag

Ref.: 09216
Rock Boulders Rock Boulders "Hegau"

250 g bag

Ref.: 09226
PROFI-Rocks “Rubble” PROFI-Rocks “Rubble”

fine, 80 g bag, grain 1 – 2 mm

Ref.: 09228
PROFI-Rocks “Rubble” PROFI-Rocks “Rubble”

medium, 80 g bag, grain 2 - 5 mm

Ref.: 09230
PROFI-Rocks “Rubble” PROFI-Rocks “Rubble”

coarse, 80 g bag, grain 6 - 16 mm

Ref.: 09232
Sand Sand

fine, 250 g bag

Ref.: 09234
Sand Sand

medium, 250 g bag

Ref.: 09235
Pebbles Pebbles

250 g bag

Ref.: 09237