Road Bridges & Portals


As soon as a rail crosses a town or a landscape, some problems for the drivers occur. At the level crossing there is a traffic jam! So an overpass or an underpass has to be built to let the cars run. A lot of solutions are presented by the great NOCH bridge assortment. Whether small, large, wide or narrow: We have the right bridge for your model layout or diorama. Make your choice between the bridges consisting of the special NOCH structured hardfoam, the amazingly detailed Laser-Cut Bridges or the inexpensive Plastic Bridges to avoid the traffic jam.

Underpass Underpass

1 portal
2 wing walls
1 pipe

Ref.: 58292
Culvert Culvert "Pipe"

2 pipe exhausts, 8 x 2.9 cm
2 wing walls, 8 x 2.5 cm

Ref.: 58294
Culvert Culvert "Tunnel"

2 tunnel exhausts, 8 x 4.3 cm

Ref.: 58296
Stairs Set Stairs Set

left- and righthand ascending,
3 pieces

Ref.: 58303
Achtobel Bridge Achtobel Bridge

ready-made Structured Hard Foam Model

Ref.: 58690