Super Realistic like in Real Nature!
The NOCH Laser-Cut minis is a series including small and very realistic building kits and plants. The very filigree, finely detailed miniature plants are elaborately cut out of a multicoloured special paper so that even the most delicate structures become visible. The Laser-Cut minis plants have been awarded several prises by the renowned model railway publications. Thanks to the elaborate composition of the special cardboard the miniature plants are tear-proof yet can still be shaped. They feature fundamental advantages when compared to conventional plastic products. Laser-Cut minis have a realistic coloured surface and their appearance is very natural as they do not have the artificial shine of plastic products. It could not be more natural! The application is very easy: The miniature plants are shaped by hand and fixed with a drop of glue on the model landscape.

Fern Fern

9 plants

Ref.: 14100
Reed Reed

16 plants

Ref.: 14102
Vegetable Garden Set Vegetable Garden Set

6 leeks,
5 courgettes,
15 turnips

Ref.: 14107
Orchard Set Orchard Set

6 rhubarbs,
24 strawberries,
4 virginia creepers

Ref.: 14109
Lotus Flower Lotus Flower

Total length appox. 60 cm²

Ref.: 14114
Rambler Roses  Rambler Roses

6 plants

Ref.: 14118
Virginia Creeper Virginia Creeper

12 plants

Ref.: 14132
Stinging Nettle Stinging Nettle

10 plants

Ref.: 14138
Water Lilies Water Lilies

18 plants

Ref.: 14140
Bean Supports Bean Supports

4 wooden frames with leaf foliage

Ref.: 14200
Flowerpots  Flowerpots

50 pieces, each 0.5 x 0.4 cm, height 0.2 cm

Ref.: 14226
Rose Arch Rose Arch

2 pieces,
1.2 x 0.7 cm, 2.3 cm high,
including 1 sheet »Rambler Roses«

Ref.: 14228
Bohnenstangen Bohnenstangen

6 wooden frames with leaf foliage

Ref.: 14604
Fern Fern

18 plants

Ref.: 14606
Reed Reed

16 plants

Ref.: 14608