Flower Arrangements

Top Innovation for Perfect Model Landscaping
Flower arrangements with ornamental plants, foliage plants and flowers in flower pots should not be missed on your model railway layout or diorama as well.
Because also these Laser-Cut minis+  are super realistic miniature plants in selected high PROFI quality from NOCH. They are a top innovation in model landscaping making it easier to create realistic scenes. These most delicate plants are cut by laser, then elaborately formed by hand and some of them additionally flocked with  coloured flower petals. The miniature plants are available in two different versions: for self-planting in a practical blister package or already set into hand-painted flower pots.

The advantages at a glance:

  • ready-to-use miniature plants
  • super realistic appearance owing to laser-cut technology
  • elaborately flocked by hand
Ornamental Plants Ornamental Plants

9 flower pots

Ref.: 14012
Ornamental Plants Ornamental Plants

3 flower pots

Ref.: 14020
Thuja Thuja

6 pieces

Ref.: 14021
Rose Arch Rose Arch

4 pieces
(1 x rose arch, 2 x thuja, 1 x rose)

Ref.: 14022
Mediterranean Plants Mediterranean Plants

3 pieces

Ref.: 14023
Palms Palms

3 pieces

Ref.: 14024
Cold Frames with Lettuce Cold Frames with Lettuce

1 piece, 4 cm x 1.6 cm
1 piece, 2.6 cm x 1.6 cm

Ref.: 14025
Flowers in Pots Flowers in Pots

9 flower pots

Ref.: 14031
Ornamental Plants in Pots Ornamental Plants in Pots

(illustration similar)
9 flower pots

Ref.: 14080
Ornamental Plants in Tubs Ornamental Plants in Tubs

9 flower tubs

Ref.: 14082
Flowers in Pots Flowers in Pots

9 flower pots

Ref.: 14084