Plants, Laser-Cut minis

Laser-Cut minis - Selected NOCH PROFI Top Quality!
The Laser-Cut minis are very filigree, finely detailed miniature plants. A laser elaborately cuts each plant out of a multicoloured special paper so that even the finest details and most delicate structures become visible. The Laser-Cut minis plants have been awarded several prises by the renowned model railway publications. Thanks to the elaborate composition of the special cardboard the miniature plants are tear-proof yet can still be saped. They feature fundamental advantages when compared to conventional plastic products. Laser-Cut minis have a realistic coloured surface and their appearance is very natural as they do not have the artificial shine of plastic products. It could not be more natural! The application is very easy: The miniature plants are shaped by hand and fixed with a drop of glue on the model landscape.

Plants Plants It can't be more natural!
Laser-Cut minis Kits Laser-Cut minis Kits ...haben Platz in der kleinsten Ecke!
Laser-Cut minis+ Laser-Cut minis+ The extra feature for super life-like miniature plants!
Flower Arrangements Flower Arrangements Perfect Decoration.
Deco Minis Deco Minis Gardening Can Be This Easy!