Natur+ Meadows

Natur+ Meadows und Fields - Selected NOCH PROFI Top Quality
Natur+- the nams speaks for itself. The products of this series feature a "plus" concerning life-like appearance. Natur+ Meadows and Fields are super realistic compositions made of different, high-quality, electrostatic grass fibres. A specially developped production process allows the fibres to be applied one after the other. This technology and the mixture of fibres in different lengths create an amazing natural appearance.
As the fine base for the grass fibres, we use specially developped transparent glue which stays permanently flexible. Thanks to this special production process, the Natur+ meadows and fields acan be easily integrated in any surface structures like hills, embankments, hollows etc.
Each package contains 10 additional grass tufts in harmonious colours for the realistic decoration or the creation of transitions.
The application of Natur+products is very simple. You can integrate these meadows and fields completely in your landscape or cut them in small pieces before modelling.

Natur+ Spring Meadow Natur+ Spring Meadow

in three colours,
22 x 20 cm, with 10 grass tufts

Ref.: 07402
Natur+ Summer Meadow Natur+ Summer Meadow

in three colours
22 x 20 cm, with 10 grass tufts

Ref.: 07403
Natur+ Rape field Natur+ Rape field

extra long green fibres,
in one colour with yellow tips,
22 x 20 cm, 10 grass tufts

Ref.: 07420
Natur+ Cornfield Natur+ Cornfield

extra long yellow fibres
in one colour with golden tips
22 x 20 cm, 10 grass tufts

Ref.: 07421
Natur+ “Swimming Lake” Natur+ “Swimming Lake”

swimming lake meadow flocked in three colours
22 x 20 cm, 10 grass tufts

Ref.: 07442
Natur+ Arable Land Natur+ Arable Land

21 x 19 cm, with 10 grass tufts

Ref.: 07450