Grass Glue

Do not mix up!

The NOCH Grass Glue is not just an ordinary white glue! We have experimented for a long time on it’s composition in order to achieve the perfect glue for our grass fibres. An essential advantage is that the surface brushed with our grass glue does not dry so quickly, that means the glue sets more slowly than a usual white glue. The advantage is that you can make the grass covering on larger areas and the meadow will become more dense because the grass fibres being electrostatically charged in the NOCH Gras-Master® can enter into the glue more easily. If you use a common white glue from a DIY store the grass fibre will “bounce”, because it is not kept in the glue and it will fall over and the beautiful static effect of the upright standing grass is gone. We would therefore recommend that you only use the NOCH Grass Glue for the electrostatic grass covering of model landscape – then you will succeed. Promised!

Grass Glue Grass Glue
250 g
Ref.: 61130
Grass Glue XL Grass Glue XL

750 g

Ref.: 61131