Flock and Classic-Flock
The PROFI line products Flock and Classic Flock are perfect for the flocking of nature trees and the realistic creation of shrubs and meadows. Flock is a special, very fine ground flock material in natural colours. Classic Flock is a high-quality, specially cut open-pored material for the life-like flockig of trees and the creation of greenery and meadows. Note: NOCH Flock and Classic Flock come in a re-sealable, non-spillable bag with paper belt. No more spilling!

Flock, Light Green  Flock, Light Green Item Ref.: 07202
Flock, Medium Green  Flock, Medium Green Item Ref.: 07204
Flock, Dark Green  Flock, Dark Green Item Ref.: 07206
Flock, Light Brown  Flock, Light Brown Item Ref.: 07223
Flock, Medium Brown  Flock, Medium Brown Item Ref.: 07225
Flock, Dark Brown  Flock, Dark Brown Item Ref.: 07227
Flock, light green  Flock, light green Item Ref.: 07241
Flock, middle green  Flock, middle green Item Ref.: 07242
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