Colours & Patina

Weather-proof, fast-drying, good coverage!

With NOCH Landscaping Colours consisting ot twelve acrylic colours  you will succeed in adding a realistic coloration to your model landscape. The  silk mat colours are recommendable for the coloration of walls, portals, rocks and mountains or for creating a ground coverage bevore applying grass. Thanks to the practical Micro Paint Roller it is easy to model superb roads and places. The high quality silk mat acrylic colours are perfectly suitable for every kind of material - even for styrofoam. The colours are weather-proof, fast-drying and well covering.

Landscaping Colours Landscaping Colours It depends on the right colour!
Acrylic Sprays Acrylic Sprays Succesful coloration for life-like scenery.
Patination & Weathering Patination & Weathering Turning new into old!