Alpenhorn blower

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2 x Alpenhorn blower with alpenhorn

Notice: Model building item
Unsere WEEE-Reg.Nr.: DE 95117429

Details Alpenhorn blower

Sound on Top of the Mountain!

The NOCH Sound Scene »Alphorn Blowers« is perfect for placing on a mountain landscape!

Mountaineers who have climbed their rocks are looking forward to a restorative break on top of the mountain, with food, drinks and good music. The »Alphorn Blowers« create a good atmosphere on top of the mountain and are musically accompanied by the band. A good atmosphere is guaranteed here, and the sound of the alphorn resounds through the dense mixed forest high up on the summit. That should not be missing from any realistic-looking landscape and the true-to-life sound creates a great atmosphere.

A sound with typical noises is included to match the NOCH model figures in gauge H0. Bring some sound to your model landscape!
Thanks to the compact design of the electronic board with loudspeaker, sound can be installed precisely where it should be. The connection is made via a standard 16 V model railway transformer. Suitable for AC or DC.
Sound: »Boooooooohhhh!«

Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces
Length: 205.00 mm
Width: 130.00 mm
Height: 30.00 mm