Sound Scenes

Here Comes the Sound!

Add life to your model landscape!
Thanks to the compact construction of the electronic components and the loudspeakers of the NOCH Sound Scenes, the noise is reproduced where it originally comes from. Thus, the ready-for-connection electronic can be installed in churches or the street musician module can be placed directly in a building next to the band. You will be surprised by the realistic sound reproduced in the center of the action. The connection is made via a usual 16 V transformer, suitable for AC/DC.  Please select upon following sound scenes: On the Platform, Street Musicians, In the Industry or On the Construction Site. If you love the nature, NOCH also offers animal noises as e.g. of chickens, cows or sheep. Sunday churchgoers may enjoy bells ringing and for our model figures of the series Sexy Scenes we have created a Sexy Sound »Oh là, là!«

Alpenhorn blower Alpenhorn blower

2 x Alpenhorn blower with alpenhorn

Ref.: 12821
Felling Trees Felling Trees
Ref.: 12843
On the Farm On the Farm
Ref.: 12850
Cow Pasture Cow Pasture
Ref.: 12851
Dogs Dogs
Ref.: 12852
Chicken Chicken

9 x chickens with sound

Ref.: 12853
At the Church At the Church
Ref.: 12860
Wedding Wedding
Ref.: 12861
Christmas Christmas
Ref.: 12897
Sexy Sounds Sexy Sounds
Ref.: 12899
On the Farm On the Farm
Ref.: 12910
Felling Trees Felling Trees

6 x lumberjacks with sound

Ref.: 12956
On the Farm On the Farm
Ref.: 12960
Henmobile Henmobile

6.0 x 4.3 cm, 2.9 cm high

Ref.: 14377
Tree with Tweeting Birds Tree with Tweeting Birds

18.5 cm high,
including 12 birds and 3 nests

Ref.: 21782
10 Ohm Resistor for NOCH Sound Scenes  10 Ohm Resistor for NOCH Sound Scenes

Resistor to lower the volume of NOCH Sound Scenes

Ref.: 91900