Laser-Cut minis & Finished Plants

Top Innovation in Model Landscaping
Laser-Cut minis+ are extremely realistic model plants in selected NOCH PROFI quality. Laser-Cut minis+ are a top innovation in model landscaping. They simplify the creation of realistic scenes! The highly filigree plants are cut with a laser, then they will be hand-formed and partially some flockage is added.
You can obtain the Laser-Cut minis+ in two different types: either in a practical blister for "self-plating" or already set in a flowerpot.

The advantages at a glance:

  • completely "plantable mini plants"
  • super realistic as precisely cut by laser
  • elaborately covered with flock by hand


Hay Bales Hay Bales

18 pieces

Ref.: 07460
Flower Garden Flower Garden

17 plants
(lily, red foxglove, sage, roses, blossom flowers)

Ref.: 14050
Water- and Riverside Plants Water- and Riverside Plants

17 plants
(pickerelweed, butter bur, water lilies, wild rye, reed)

Ref.: 14052
Garden Plot Garden Plot

17 plants
(lemon balm, lavender, rhubarb, leek, zucchini)

Ref.: 14054
Field plants and Wild flowers Field plants and Wild flowers

17 plants
(poppy, fern, stinging nettles, blossom flowers, broom)

Ref.: 14056