Game, Hobby & Leisure

A little break from everyday life
Hobby and leasure - that means a little break from everyday life - delighting, finding piece and relaxation. It's clear that this is also a topic of modellers and diorama builders. So you can rebuild interesting themes on your layout and tell some funny stories of daily life. You have the choice between a large assortment around the  topics game, hobby and leasure. It doesn't matter if you rather want to go fishing, enjoy a cycling tour, go hiking, swimming or drinking beer and eating a steak with potatoes in a beer garden - have a little break and refresh your layout or diorama.
Currently the illuminated figures by NOCH cover rather the motor sports - but there will be new things soon. With the development of the "micro-LED" it became possible to equip model vehicles with flood lights, signals, etc. However the installation of these mini lights requires a lot of technical feeling and model building skills. NOCH is now offering many models which are already pre-fitted with such a technology. The figures are assembled with high-quality LEDs in the NOCH factory in Vietnam and are then painted by hand ensuring that no wires are visible. So a high-quality appearance is guaranteed for a professional use. All illuminated figures are ready-to-use. The connection can be made with the usual 16 V AC / DC model transformer.

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