Romantic Winter Wonderland
There is an old German nursery rhyme: " schneit, es schneit, kommt alle aus dem Haus - die Welt, die Welt, sieht wie gepudert aus.", which describes the beautiful winter wonderland. Many people loves the wintertime. This fascination is reflected on many dioramas. Thereby it's not easy to create such a model winter splendour - it's a real challenge. But NOCH made the grade. We don't offer only one product for snow - we have a lot of products for you. Take "winter" as search term and you can see a lot of products about this topic. Of course, there are also winter figures like children playing in the snow with a snowman or a great snowball fight. Children with a Skid, Skiers and Ice Skaters complete the range. But during the winter, the snow has to be shoveled -  of course also for this we are offering the suitable figures.