»Goooaal!« – Finally There is an Entire Football Team

Football is the greatest pasttime in the world. Full stadiums during the National League, Champions League or the DFB Cub speak volumes. Not to speak of the major events as the UEFA European Football Championship or the FIFA Football World Championship. Football is an absolute audience magnet and more popular than ever. Not only do the fans visit regularly the arenas in Munich, Dortmund or of Schalke but also fill fan miles when cheering for the National Team. The European Football Championship 2016 has been reason enough for NOCH, the Specialist in Model Landscaping, to follow up with this theme for modelling and diorama building. 
The results are complete football teams of different nations as e.g. Belgium, France, England, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and several more in scale H0 (1:87) including their fans with flags and scarfs. Each model team includes eleven footballers and a football. Beside the hand painted teams and fans, NOCH offers also unpainted footballers and fans. This gives you the possibility of creating your own favourite team. As either a famous football team or the local team on their football pitch, with the club colours of your preferred club the model team will be a personal highlight.

Stand Stand

9,7 x 4,6 cm
4,4 cm high

Ref.: 14398
Football Goals and CornerFlags Football Goals and CornerFlags

2 goals each 5 x 1,2 cm, 2,3 cm high
4 corner flags each 1,7 cm high

Ref.: 14399
Football Fan Set  Football Fan Set

The German Fan Clapping Hand with the Corresponding Footballers

Ref.: 15964
Deutsche Fans Deutsche Fans
Ref.: 15966
Belgian Fans Belgian Fans
Ref.: 15968
Danish Fans Danish Fans
Ref.: 15970
English Fans English Fans
Ref.: 15972
French Fans French Fans
Ref.: 15974
Italian Fans Italian Fans
Ref.: 15976
Dutch Fans Dutch Fans
Ref.: 15978
Spanish Fans Spanish Fans
Ref.: 15984
Czech Fans Czech Fans
Ref.: 15988
Football Team Football Team
Ref.: 36965
Football Team Football Team
Ref.: 36967
Football Team Football Team
Ref.: 45965
Football Team Football Team
Ref.: 45967
Football Pitch with Clubhouse, micro-sound Stand and Floodlights Football Pitch with Clubhouse, micro-sound Stand and Floodlights

Contents and highlights:
· Grass Mat »Football Pitch«, with printed lines
· Laser-Cut kit Clubhouse
· Laser-Cut kit Stand
· Micro-sound »Football« with fan chants and goal celebration, ready-to-connect electronics with loudspeaker
· 2 Football Goals and 4 Corner Flags
· 4 Floodlights with each 2 LEDs, ready-to-connect
· 2 Football Teams including 11 footballers each
· Decoration sheet for stadium perimeter advertising
· Limited edition of 1000 pieces

Ref.: 66830