Accessory Sets

The little things create a great effect!
By clicking through the NOCH assortment you can find many ideas about building realistic and thematic scenes on your layout: from a garage to a tomb and some city scenes. Each of these sets contains a lot of different hand-coloured, inexpensive accessories matching the respective topic. Revive your model landscape by adding NOCH accessories - because often the little things create a great effect. Design your favourite scene by choosing from beach accesories, railway station accessories, garden furnitures, playground accessories and many more.

Hay Bales Hay Bales

18 pieces

Ref.: 07460
Garden Tools Garden Tools

Contents: Clothes Line, Carpet-Beating Stand, various Plant Tubs and Watering Cans, Hedge Clippers, Hand Saw, Wheelbarrow, Shovel, Lawnmower, Garden Hose, Rake, Spade, Hoe, Scythe and Broom

Ref.: 14800
Road Building Tools Road Building Tools

Contents: Mound of Sand, Jackhammer, Warning Signs, Cones, Lane Closure Signals, Tamper, Pickaxe, Wheelbarrow, various Brooms and Shovels and Bucket

Ref.: 14805
Train Station Train Station

Contents: Noticeboard, Bench, various Suitcases, Rucksacks, Bags, Luggage Trolley, Baskets, Hand Luggage

Ref.: 14810
Playground Accessories Playground Accessories

Contents: Table Tennis Table, Climbing Mushroom, Slide, Tent, Pram, Children's Tractor, Push Scooter and Bicycle

Ref.: 14814
Auto Workshop Auto Workshop

Contents: Gas Bottles, Cart for Gas Bottles, Drum Pump, Hand Carts, Car Jack, Bucket, Fire Extinguisher, Watering Can, Tool Kit, Toolboxes, Oil Drums, Oxygen Cylinders, Wheel, Tyres, Sack Barrow, Roll Plate and Car Battery

Ref.: 14815
Beer Garden Accessories Beer Garden Accessories

Contents: 12 Beer Benches, 6 Beer Tables and 3 Parasols

Ref.: 14817
Restaurant Restaurant

Contents: 8 Chairs, 5 Tables and 1 A-Board

Ref.: 14822
Kaffeehaus Kaffeehaus

Contents: 8 Chairs, 4 Tables and 1 Ice Cream Counter

Ref.: 14824
Waste Containers & Ashcans Waste Containers & Ashcans

Contents: 2 Dustbins, various Rubbish Bins, Bottle Bank, Metal Recycling Bin and Skip

Ref.: 14825
Furnitures Furnitures

Contents: Living Room Cabinet, Sofa, Television, Kidney-Shaped Table, 2 Armchairs, Painting, Wardrobe, Bed, Dressing Table and Bedside Table

Ref.: 14832
Möbel Möbel

Contents: Refrigerator, Kitchen Sideboard, Gas Stove, Electric Stove, Oven, Washing Machine, Kitchen Cupboard, Dining Table and 3 Chairs

Ref.: 14833
Benches Benches

Contents: 4 Green Benches, 2 Red Benches and 3 Wasterpaper Baskets

Ref.: 14848
Benches Benches
Ref.: 14849
Benches Benches

Contents: 4 Benches, 1 Circular Bench

Ref.: 14851
Christian Symbols Christian Symbols

Contents: 2 Roadside Shrines, 3 Crosses, 1 Statue

Ref.: 14870
Gravestones Gravestones

Contents: 6 Gravestones

Ref.: 14871
Flowerpots Flowerpots

27 flowerpots and flower troughs

Ref.: 14885
Maypole Maypole

21 cm high

Ref.: 14890
Benches Benches

Contents: 4 Green Benches, 2 Red Benches and 3 Wasterpaper Baskets

Ref.: 35848
Benches Benches
Ref.: 35849
Benches Benches

Contents: 4 Green Benches, 2 Red Benches and 3 Wasterpaper Baskets

Ref.: 46848
Benches Benches
Ref.: 46849