Accessory Sets

The little things create a great effect!
By clicking through the NOCH assortment you can find many ideas about building realistic and thematic scenes on your layout: from a garage to a tomb and some city scenes. Each of these sets contains a lot of different hand-coloured, inexpensive accessories matching the respective topic. Revive your model landscape by adding NOCH accessories - because often the little things create a great effect. Design your favourite scene by choosing from beach accesories, railway station accessories, garden furnitures, playground accessories and many more.

Hay Bales Hay Bales Item Ref.: 07460
Garden Tools  Garden Tools Item Ref.: 14800
Market Accessories  Market Accessories Item Ref.: 14804
Station Accessories  Station Accessories Item Ref.: 14810
Auto Workshop  Auto Workshop Item Ref.: 14815
Restaurant  Restaurant Item Ref.: 14822
Coffee shop  Coffee shop Item Ref.: 14824
Furniture  Furniture Item Ref.: 14832
Furnitures  Furnitures Item Ref.: 14833
Post Equipment  Post Equipment Item Ref.: 14842
Benches  Benches Item Ref.: 14848
Benches  Benches Item Ref.: 14849
Workshop Accessories  Workshop Accessories Item Ref.: 14850
Benches  Benches Item Ref.: 14851
Christian Symbols  Christian Symbols Item Ref.: 14870
Gravestones  Gravestones Item Ref.: 14871
Funeral Accessories  Funeral Accessories Item Ref.: 14874
Flowerpots  Flowerpots Item Ref.: 14885
Flowerpots  Flowerpots Item Ref.: 14886
Maypole  Maypole Item Ref.: 14890
Benches  Benches Item Ref.: 35848
Benches  Benches Item Ref.: 35849
Benches  Benches Item Ref.: 46848
Benches  Benches Item Ref.: 46849