Diorama Kits

Slowing Down and Getting Creative – Diorama Kits

Design your dream landscape and bring a piece of nature into your home. With a Diorama Kit, you present your favourite figure in a unique setting and develop your manual skills along the way. 

This fantastic craft kit contains everything you need to get started straightaway. You don’t need anything other than a little time and leisure. You’ll discover your creative abilities and be amazed by the results of your handiwork.

Everything is included in a Diorama Kit for you to make a start on your creative handicrafts straightaway. Each Diorama Kit contains a high-quality, handpainted base made of the well-known NOCH Structured Hard Foam. In addition, Trees, Bushes, Scatter Material, Stones, Groundcover, Grass Tufts and other crafting material for landscaping and decoration are included. No additional tools are needed because some small work tools and glue are included in the set. Finally, depending on the kit, there are also accessories and figures in H0 gauge (1:87), but of course, the appeal of designing also lies in installing your favourite figures in any size and scale according to your own taste in the scene.

And for everyone who already has a clear idea of how their diorama should look and therefore want to customise it, the highly detailed bases can also be purchased separately.

Diorama Base Diorama Base "Treetrunk"

approx 18 x 16 cm, 5.5 cm high

Ref.: 10001
Diorama Kit  Diorama Kit "Summer Breeze"

approx 18 x 16 cm, 5.5 cm high

Ref.: 10002
Diorama Kit Diorama Kit "Winter Dream"

approx, 18 x 16 cm, 8 cm high

Ref.: 10003
Diorama Base Diorama Base "Rock"

approx 18 x 15 cm, 5.5. cm high

Ref.: 10011
Diorama Kit Diorama Kit "Rocky Mountain"

approx 18 x 15 cm, 16 cm high

Ref.: 10012
Diorama Kit Diorama Kit "Rocky Ice"

approx 18 x 15 cm, 18 cm high

Ref.: 10013