Laser-Cut - The Future of Model Building

In the past few years, the Laser-Cut technology has found its way to all areas of model building. The most striking changes can be noticed with model buildings. Originally they were manufactured of only plastic, however nowadays – thanks to Laser-Cut – they are made of a special cardboard. NOCH uses an age-resistant laser cardboard being certified according to DIN norm. The innovative 45° angle cut makes assembly very easy. All buildings of the Laser-Cut series are entirely handpainted resulting in a very realistic appearance. But not only the product features do inspire: Cardboard is a renewable resource and during the laser cutting process the required energy is applied with utmost precision and efficiency. For this reason the NOCH Laser-Cut buildings show the road to the future also with regard to environmental sustainability.

Laser-Cut Building Kits Laser-Cut Building Kits Model Buildings from NOCH - Glue, Fold, Finished!
Finished Models Finished Models ...In no time your modelling wishes are fulfilled!
Self-Made Model Buildings Self-Made Model Buildings First-class modelling sheets with super realistic surface structures.